Guide to Evaporative Cooling Prices Melbourne with Installation

Evaporative Cooling Prices Melbourne

How does an evaporative air conditioner work? Evaporating cooling is the process of using water evaporation to create cool air. It takes warm, dry air from outside and draws it in through cooling pads soaked with water.  The warm air travels through the pads and evaporates, absorbing the heat into the air.  This cools the air temperature. The cooler air is then circulated through your home’s ductwork.  

Evaporative air conditioners do require a reliable water supply.  So be sure to know what water management systems are used.  You will also need to know how much water the unit consumes hourly.  These evaporative coolers are only as good as the amount of water required to evaporate efficiently.


Due to the water requirement, evaporative air conditioners are most suitable in areas that have dry, hot climates.

Since condensation will form inside the house due to the increased humidity, the evaporative coolers do require plenty of room ventilation.  Open windows are also helpful to release humidity.

Brivis have three leading models that offer attractive options to meet your cooling needs; Contour, Promina & Advance

Brivis Contour Evaporative Cooler


Brivis Contour L46

Brivis Contour L56

Brivis Contour L66

Brivis Contour L76

Brivis provides the most energy-efficient and quietest evaporative cooler in today’s market.  It has sophisticated technology for cooling your entire home.

Brivis is a world leader when it comes to evaporative air conditioning, thanks to its proprietary inverter technology and innovative water management for increased cooling throughout your home. 

Brivis evaporative coolers are designed and routinely tested to be superior to their competition.

Brivis Promina Evaporative Cooler


Brivis Promina P36

Brivis Promina P46

Brivis Promina P56

Brivis Promina P66

Brivis Promina P76

The Brivis have been providing groundbreaking cooling solutions for your home for many years.

The Brivis Promina™ incorporates functional technology including an AutoRefresh water management system which controls the amount of fresh water added to the unit. Once a pre-determined number of fill cycles have been completed, the cooler will automatically flush the entire tank and refill it with clean, fresh water. When cooling is no longer required, the system will automatically run the FreshStart operation removing stagnant water and sediment before starting up again

Brivis Advance Series Evaporative Cooler

evaporative coolers Melbourne-Advance

Brivis Advance F36

Brivis Advance F46

Brivis Advance F56

Brivis Advance F66

Brivis Advance F76

Brivis Advance F86

Cooling costs account for a large majority of your house’s overall energy costs during the summer.  So, it is important to make the right choice when it comes to choosing the cooling method. The wrong choice can be pricey as well as lead to ineffective results. 

The Brivis Advance has been developed with greater surface area to excel in large airflow requirements, plus is a stylish cooler for both new installations and replacement of older style coolers.

The Advance model is available in three colours: charcoal, terra red and beige.

Evaporative Cooling Prices Melbourne


Due to the rising costs of energy combined with the summer heat, evaporative air conditioning is becoming a popular alternative to refrigerated air conditioning in terms of efficiency, healthier airflow, performance, and lifestyle.

If you are looking for evaporative cooling prices in Melbourne, give us a call.  Let’s review what your specific cooling needs are to determine the best evaporative cooler for you.  When it comes to the installation of your evaporative air conditioner, our team of professional installers is on the job!

Installation of evaporative cooling devices should always be left to professionals. It generally only takes a few hours to have your air conditioning properly and ready to use.

Immerge Group is a Rinnai authorised service partner and not only do we supply and install Rinnai continuous flow hot water systems, but we service also provide maintenance and service repairs too! 

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