Brivis 6 Star Ducted Heating Price and Installation

Brivis Ducted Heating

When it comes to choosing a gas ducted heating system for your home, garage, office, basement, cottage, or cabin, Brivis is the #1 choice.  Brivis heaters are known for their exceptional value, reliability, and energy-saving technology that reduces your heating costs. We can give you a Brivis 6 star ducted heating price.

More Australian homes have more Brivis ducted heaters installed than any other brand. 

Backed by the Brivis Performance Guarantee:  Every Brivis ducted heating system comes with a money-back, repair, or replacement guarantee.  As long as your unit was correctly installed by a licensed professional, Brivis will replace or repair the unit or fully refund your money if it does not operate as designed.

Brivis 6-star Ducted Heater


Brivis 6 Star Ducted Heaters

The Brivis StarPro6 by Rinnai is the most efficient ducted gas heater strategically designed for less gas usage than others.  The modulating gas valve combined with our 4 Pass Heat Exchanges brings you superior efficiency and temperature control.

You can heat up to four different zones in your home, including a hallway, based on your different heating needs by utilizing the BrivisZonePlus.  You can even turn off any zones that are not in use.  Saving you money on your annual heating costs.

The Brivis 6-star ducted heater can do that with the Brivis ICE system if you want to cool the spaces.  Providing you with year-long comfort no matter the season. 

Brivis 6 star Ducted Heating Price

With its 6-star energy efficiency rating, you will see a drop in your annual Brivis duct heating costs.  These units use less energy which requires less gas, saving you money throughout the life of the unit. 

To get a Brivis ducted heating price on a system for your home, give us a call, and we will review your exact needs to provide you with a quote.

Installation of Your Brivis Ducted Heater

Immerge Group can install your Brivis ducted heating unit.  We follow a strict step-by-step ducted heating installation process securing each step required to install your new Brivis heater. 

When it comes to installing your ducted heater, our licensed installers will follow the installation guide closely.  They closely follow all safety standards to protect your home and your family.  This diligence ensures that your heater will run at optimum performance.  The result is consistent heating comfort with minimized operating costs by a unit that operates at peak performance for the unit’s lifetime

Brivis Wombat

The Brivis Wombat is a splittable 2-piece heating unit. The perfect solution when you need to fit a gas heating unit into a tight spot.  The Wombat is your best value option of heaters in its class.  It is the highest 3-star rated heater on the market.

More Brivis Heating Systems

The Brivis Buffalo Heating Units are an excellent value. Reliable and built to last.  Compact Design.  They are easy to switch over, making them the perfect choice when you are considering a different unit.   

Brivis brings 5-star ratings to the Buffalo gas ducted heating systems in models such as the BX520 & BX526.

These ducted heaters with 5-star ratings are the solution when it comes to upgrading or replacing your existing unit.  On average, you will save $420.00 annually switching from the standard Buffalo unit. 

Brivis Ducted Heating Installation Cost


You may be wondering about  Brivis ducted heating installation cost? Immerge Group can supply and install your new Brivis ducted heating system and very competitive prices.

Brivis Ducted Gas Heating comprises a heating unit connected to a series of outlets via a system of ducts. The outlets & ducts are strategically placed throughout your home, either in the floor or ceiling. The position of the heating unit depends on your house.

The ducts which connect the outlets to the heating unit are neatly tucked away out of sight. A wall controller lets you set up your temperature for the whole home or even down to a single room.

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Immerge Group is a Rinnai authorised service partner and not only do we supply and install Brivis ducted heating, but we also provide maintenance and service repairs too! 

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