The Ultimate Guide to Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

Instantaneous or tankless hot water systems are small units with a heating system that works as you use hot water. Unlike hot water tanks, continuous flow systems will continue to heat the water until you turn it off. They work with both electrical and gas systems, which means they are flexible for most households in Melbourne.

Instantaneous Flow Hot Water Systems

How Do They Work?

Continuous flow hot water systems or instantaneous flow hot water systems work by heating small copper pipes in the system and passing water through them. There is a sensor that triggers the heating process once water flows in. The heating element heats water to a preferred temperature then directs it straight to your tap. Continuous flow water systems will only heat as long as the water is turned on; once it shuts, the system turns itself off.

These systems do not have any heat loss as no water is stored to the desired temperature. The units only start heating when the hot tap is turned on. Most homes have a continuous hot water system because it doesn’t take up much space and is more efficient than electrical heating tanks.

Types of Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems


Continuous hot water systems mainly come in different sizes and water capacities. The bigger systems are best made for larger households, with the smaller version best suited for areas with a single water outlet. However, if you have a larger water demand in your home, a continuous flow water heater may not be efficient.

These heating systems are made with two fuel options- electricity and gas. The ideal fuel for your hot water system depends on a lot of things, including availability, budget, etc.

Why Choose A Rinnai Branded system?


Rinnai Enviro 26

Rinnai B26

Rinnai HD200 (Heavy Duty)

Demand Duo

Rinnai first introduced continuous water flow systems in Australia back in the early 90s. Ever since, the company has revolutionized how people get hot water using their unique brand Rinnai Infinity. The Infinity models have the following perks: 

  • Low emission burners
  • PureTemp temperature control technology
  • Added water controllers
  • 25-year warranty on all Rinnai instant hot water products
  • At least 6 star gas rating
  • Space-saving

Rinnai offers plenty of instantaneous hot water systems, which are available at Immerge Group. The infinity range of water systems includes Infinity B26, Infinity 20, Infinity 32 ENVIRO, and many more. If you need more information about hot water systems or installation, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Installation Requirements


If you go with gas-fueled hot water systems, it is crucial to have access to gas reticulation. The gas pipes needed for continuous flow systems might be a little wider to accommodate their fuel requirements. Luckily, we can give you a free quote if your home needs such adjustments.

In electric systems, the requirements are minimal and are only limited to one or two outlets. It is usually installed next to the tap to minimize the space used.

To conclude, before selecting a continuous hot water system, you need to check a few pointers like the number of bathrooms, people living in the home, usage of the bathroom, etc. Contact us today, and we’ll give you a quote based on these requirements.

Immerge Group is a Rinnai authorised service partner and not only do we supply and install Rinnai continuous flow hot water systems, but we service also provide maintenance and service repairs too! 

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