Fully Installed Rinnai Electric Hot Water System Prices

Electric Hot Water System Prices

At Immerge Group, we understand how hot water systems are important for all Australian households. That’s why we have the top brands of hot water appliances like Rinnai. We offer a wide range of Rinnai electric hot water systems and installation services from our vetted and licensed installers. In addition, Immerge Group has same-day servicing for all Rinnai electric hot water systems for residents in Melbourne.

Featuring Australian-made products, Rinnai offers top-quality hot water storage systems in various capacities from 25-litre units to 400-litre hot water tanks. A 10-year warranty backs all products. Rinnai offers more than just hot water system products; the manufacturer has excellent customer service and a sustainability model.

If you need a new water system installation or a simple repair, give us a call, and we’ll come to help you get everything running. Our station is fully equipped with the necessary tools for real emergencies.

Why Choose Rinnai Electric Water Systems

While hundreds of brands supply electric hot water systems, Rinnai has a unique value proposition that makes it popular in Australia. However, if you want a regular supply of hot water, then consider Rinnai hot water systems. Installing any of the Rinnai models gives you the following benefits:

  • Best energy ratings. Rinnai hot water systems have high energy efficiency and ratings, which cut costs on energy bills. It is environmentally friendly as well.
  • Status monitor. Each unit has a display screen showing the temperature of the water system, which you can set to any figure you wish. The Status monitor is important as it helps identify faults in the system by showing error messages. But, Rinnai has one of the best hot water equipment in Australia, so you’ll rarely see any error messages.

Rinnai Hot Water Systems- Our Top Favourites


At Immerge Group, we offer plenty of hot water systems at the best prices in Melbourne. We have supply only and supply plus install options, so give us a call today, and we will come. While Rinnai products are excellent, here are our top two picks that are popular and have great value for money.

Rinnai Hotflo Electric Hot Water Storage 315L


HotFlo Electric 400L

The Australian-made HotFlo Electric Water heater tank gives you peace of mind with a twin element configuration and a preloaded safety temperature. Other features include:

  • Single and twin element configurations
  • Best internal and external use
  • Inbuilt anode protection extends the tank’s life span
  • Vitreous enamel lined steel tank

Rinnai Hotflo Electric Hot Water Storage 250L


HotFlo Electric 160L

HotFlo Electric 125L

HotFlo Electric 25L

HotFlo Electric 50L

This hot water system is another popular model as it offers the same twin element configuration and safety temperature as the Rinnai 315L hot water system. This 250ltr hot water system is perfect for larger homes and commercial use. Other features include:

  • 10-year cylinder warranty
  • Single and twin element configuration
  • Thermostatically controlled with safety on/off
  • Pressure temperature relief valve

Electric Hot Water System Installation

Immerge Group is a Rinnai authorised service partner and not only do we supply and install Rinnai electric hot water systems, but we service also provide maintenance and service repairs too! 

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