The Importance Of Regular Servicing And Maintenance

Just like your car, heaters and hot water units require regular servicing and maintenance to stay in top condition. Many manufacturers recommend servicing at least every 2 years, but it can be more frequently depending on how often it is used.

Units that are installed outside are exposed to the elements as well as bugs and spiders which may choose to make their home in your hot water system. A buildup of debris in your system can cause blockages and stop it from running efficiently. Some components in your hot water system are consumable items so won’t last the life of your unit and will require replacing. If your hot water is fluctuating or never been maintained, it might be time for a service and clean. 

A general service involves:

·         Cleaning the fan, burner & filters

·         Inspecting components for signs of wear

·         Replacing consumables

·         Checking pipework for leaks etc.

·         Checking error codes

·         Checking & resetting gas pressures

·       Check & verify the operation of the unit

Gas manometer

Heaters tend to build up with dust over the warmer months when they aren’t in use. When it is turned on again in winter that dust is then blown out around your home. You might notice a burning smell when you first turn your heater on. This can be a sign that there is dust and dirt inside that needs to be cleaned out.

Dirty Rinnai Gas Heater Before servicing
Clean Rinnai Gas Heater after servicing

Regular servicing and maintenance improves the running efficiency of your unit and can extend its operational life.

To book a general service on your Rinnai hot water unit or heater please call our office on 03 9796 3725 and speak to one of our friendly team who can assist you.

For more information about booking a service on your hot water unit or heater click here

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