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What Government Rebates are available?

There are currently state and federal government rebates available to help offset the cost of replacing your old hot water system with a more efficient hot water heat pump or solar hot water system at your home or business. In this article our focus will be mainly around heat pump technology.

There are many factors that will determine if you are eligible for STCs, VEECs or the Victorian Hot Water RebateContinue reading to see what’s on offer and what you could be eligible for.

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STCs (Small-Scale Technology Certificates)

STC’s are a Federal government initiative that is available for households in all states throughout Australia. The certificates created are part of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) scheme and are designed to create a financial incentive for homeowners and businesses to install solar PV, wind turbines, solar hot water heaters and hot water heat pumps.

The amount of certificates you’re eligible for will depend on the state (and zone) you live in and the make, model and type of system you’re installing. The value of each certificate can fluctuate as they’re influenced by market factors.



STCs from Jan 1st 2024 to Dec 31st 2024 on Rinnai Heat Pumps

VEECs (Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates)

VEECs are part of The Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program available for Victorian households to help reduce their energy bills and lower greenhouse gas emissions. 

The number of VEECs a system is entitled to is based on replacing an existing electric resistance or gas hot water system with a more energy efficient electric heat pump or electric boosted solar system. Depending on your existing system and what system you choose to replace it with will determine the number of VEECs you can receive.

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Victorian Hot Water Rebate

Victorian Hot Water Rebate of up to $1000 is available for Victorian householders on eligible hot water heat pumps and solar hot water systems. To qualify for the rebate, you must meet the following criteria:

  • you are the owner-occupier of an existing property where the system is to be installed
  • the combined household taxable income of all owners is less than $210,000 per year
  • the property is valued at under $3 million
  • the property address has not previously received a hot water rebate or a solar battery rebate under the Solar Homes Program
  • the hot water system to be replaced is at least three years old from the date of purchase.
  • you will need to use an authorised hot water retailer
  • the hot water system you intend to install must appear on the Solar Victoria product list

Please note, if you have previously received a hot water rebate, you will not be eligible to receive another rebate on the same property. 

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